January 2019 System Enhancements

We would like to inform you of some changes that will improve how customers and suppliers use our Pro-vide system.

Bloom are continually investing in our technology to improve the way you work with us. As part of our continuous improvement plans, we’ve made some enhancements to the Pro-vide system.

We have streamlined the Work Order approval process and introduced project performance ratings. The changes have been explained below in detail, however if you have any more questions you can contact hello@bloom.services.

The system updates will be live from Friday 18th January 2018.


Project Performance Ratings 

When customers are approving the Highlight Report, they’ll be asked to answer the following questions regarding project performance by giving a score from 5 to 1, where 5 is high and 1 is low for each:

  • Expected timescales
  • The Agreed specification
  • The agreed quality standards
  • The agreed price
  • Your overall expectations

The data captured will be used to provide insight into project performance.


Work Orders

Customers will no longer be required to sign the Work Order. The acceptance of the winning proposal and receipt of the Purchase Order is the confirmation and commitment from the customer to proceed to award the contract to the successful supplier.

The call-off contract provides the contractual arrangement between the customer and Bloom. The Work Order, in conjunction with the SSA, provides the contractual arrangement between Bloom and the Supplier.

Removal of the customer signature from the Work Order ensures the appropriate contractual relationships are maintained.

Existing Work Orders will not be affected, the change will impact any Work Orders issued from 18th January 2019.