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Education, Universities and Schools

Enhance the experience and well-being of students through Bloom’s managed approach to procurement.

NEPRO³ is the only professional services DfE (Department for Education) approved framework for schools and academies

Education, Universities and Schools

Bloom has collaborated with schools, MATs, and universities across the UK. 

Our NEPRO³ solution is also the only professional services framework for schools and academies approved by the Department for Education (DfE). Our solutions cater to the education sector's demand for efficient routes to market and value for money. 

Through our marketplace, contracts can be awarded to accredited suppliers in as little as 13 days. In our managed service, our team will oversee the project's delivery, ensuring that your milestones are met. Bloom's buyers also benefit from average savings of 14% against budget, easing financial pressures and allowing for reinvestment where needed.

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Key categories of spend

Our marketplace provides comprehensive access to professional services, including 20 categories and 383 subcategories of spend.

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“I chose to work with Bloom as I liked the idea of outcome-based projects. It’s so much more efficient, as it’s a compliant process without the need to go through the OJEU process as it’s still competitive."

Ariana Beatty | University of Sussex