Commercial Evaluation methodology change

The way our system calculates the evaluation of the pricing provided in supplier proposals is changing.

What this means

The current process for pricing evaluation within the system is based on target price, with the maximum available score applied to the price that is closest to the target price. Any remaining prices are allocated a score that is a percentage of variance away from the target price. Historically, this has caused many evaluations on price to be done offline.

From 1st November the methodology for pricing evaluation will be based on lowest proposal price with the maximum available score being applied to the lowest proposed price. Remaining proposals will be scored relative to their variance from the lowest proposed price submitted.

This enhancement to our current process will provide more opportunity to use system-based evaluation functionality and will reduce the amount of manual effort required to support most requirements. This change has been to respond to customer feedback on evaluation methodology, and still allows buyers to set their own quality/price weighting criteria.

Get in contact

Members of the Bloom team will be available throughout the process transition to support you through these changes and address any questions you may have.