Bloom Achieve Level Two Social Value Certificate

We are delighted to have been awarded the level two of the Social Value Certificate, a first for any procurement organisation to achieve the accreditation.

The Social Value Certificate is accredited by Social Value UK, the national network for social impact and social value. Following an extensive examination, we successfully evidenced that the implementation of our business systems and processes are consistent with the certified Social Value Principles.

Consisting of three levels, the Certificate will take Bloom on the pathway to maximising social value in the way it operates. Having already achieved level one and level two, we are now fully committed to obtaining level three.

Catherine Manning, assurance and networks manager for Social Value UK, said: “We at Social Value UK, are really excited to see Bloom making huge progress in embedding social value management practice into their operations and throughout their business. As the first procurement organisation to achieve level two: ‘Implementation of the Social Value Certificate’, it is truly impressive to see the cross-organisation dedication to prioritising social value and ultimately making business decisions that include social value in the process. We are really looking forward to seeing what Bloom does next!”

Formed in 2012, we provide a full end-to-end marketplace solution for the procurement, contract management and payment of all consultancy and professional services. Our solution supports and assists the UK public sector to buy and manage professional services from a choice of regional and national suppliers.

Adam Jacobs, founder and executive chairman, at Bloom, said: “We are delighted to have been awarded the Social Value Level Two Certificate. Social value is integral to all aspects of the Bloom business model. We have designed our systems and processes in order to optimise social value outcomes for our customers.

The Bloom marketplace provides support across the UK public sector, we play a vital role in enabling the public sector to achieve demonstrable social value. To date, we have awarded over 4,400 projects to SME suppliers which equates to 70% of our projects. This is driving significant growth back into local economies and removing barriers previously faced in winning public sector contracts.

In 2019 alone, we awarded contracts to the value of £251 million to SME suppliers, we created efficiency savings of over £42 million for public sector buyers, and, we invested £2.6 million back into the public sector through our delivery partnerships.”

Bloom’s mission is to ensure that social value is an integral part of their operational processes when public sector buyers appoint suppliers. Our recently launched Social Value Programme is dedicated to increasing sustainability within the 3rd sector and supports buyers with social value specifications and evaluation criteria for use within the procurement selection process.

“Our focus for the year ahead is to deliver tangible social value into procurement projects by continuing to build our supplier community, ensuring 3rd sector suppliers are fairly represented,” said Adam.