Bloom is the exclusive operator of the NEPRO³ professional services solution on behalf of NEPO (the North East Procurement Organisation).



NEPRO³ is the only professional services DfE (Department for Education) approved framework for schools and academies. The solution is a fast, compliant, cost effective way for schools to buy and manage professional services.

How can we help your school?

Working with Bloom is simple. As the experts in public sector procurement, we’ll take care of everything you need to deliver your projects on time and within budget, each and every time. Our experience across the education sector means that we understand the unique challenges you face and how we can work with you to solve them.

We provide the NEPRO³ solution, the only professional services DfE approved framework for schools and academies. Through this cost-effective and fully compliant route, you can choose from thousands of providers through a pre-accredited supply chain to find the right solution to suit your needs.

Key Categories of Spend

With 20 categories of spend available, we can support schools and academies across a wide range of business services including transformation, finance, ICT and HR. Our team is made up of a number of dedicated education specialists, here to help you with:

  • Construction, Design & Engineering
  • Organisation & Change Management
  • Finance, Auditing & Accounting
  • Information, Communication Technology
  • Business Strategy

  • Marketing, Media & Communications
  • Education, Learning & Curriculum
  • Environment, Sustainability & Waste
  • Social Value & Regeneration
  • Facilities Management


If you would like to know more about all of the categories available, please view our downloadable PDF guide.

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Why choose Bloom?

In addition to providing full control and visibility, risk management and value for money, our school buyers benefit from:

  • Ongoing support from our dedicated education team to create quality specifications
  • Access to a network of over 2,500 pre-accredited suppliers, vetted against strict criteria, to deliver projects across 20 categories of spend
  • The flexibility to add new suppliers to our network at any time
  • A fast, efficient and compliant service; Bloom can take you from first contact to professional services on-site in as little as 13 days
  • Simple project management with our easy-to-use online platform
  • Full control and transparency with regular project updates and reports to ensure your milestones are achieved
  • Management information via a tailored dashboard providing data on usage, project categories, contract awards and savings
  • On average, buyers using NEPRO³ save between 11% and 18% against budget

These benefits are all delivered through our web-based platform Pro-vide 2.0. The platform is easy to use for non-procurement professionals within the school administration.

Managing risk

Each and every supplier we onboard goes through a robust and detailed accreditation process, giving school buyers the cast-iron assurance that’s at the heart of our service. All contractual obligations are defined and agreed upfront to deliver full transparency and complete peace of mind.

Every step of the way.

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