Bloom Welcomes Mission Zero Report

Following the publication of Conservative MP Chris Skidmore’s Mission Zero’ report, we are encouraged by the key arguments outlined in the review, most notably that “net zero is the growth opportunity of the 21st century”.

Skidmore highlights the opportunities that net zero offers the UK at both a local and national level. Because of this, we urge the Government to take heed of the recommendations and to implement them without delay.

Whilst progress has undoubtedly been made, policies that are more ambitious, consistent and that focus on long-term investment in the right areas must receive the support of the Government to deliver economic benefit and meet the increasing demands for net-zero goods and services.

At Bloom, we recognise the value of our role as enablers of climate-positive outcomes via our marketplace, which will aid the delivery of net-zero goals and objectives across the public sector.

Bloom CEO Amabel Grant said: “The Mission Zero report comes at a time where we at Bloom are reaffirming our long-standing commitment to a sustainable future through climate action.”

“Bloom and the NEPRO³ framework are aligned with many of the themes found within the report, and we feel empowered to support our clients to deliver projects and outcomes in these areas. On a personal note, I am thrilled to hear of the proposed SME role models programme, which will seek to give much-needed support to the UK’s thriving SME sector and we will investigate how we can take an active role in furthering this recommendation”.

We look forward to following the progress of the recommendations in the report.