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Bloom launches its Sustainability and Social Value Report

Bloom’s annual Sustainability and Social Value Report charts our evolution as a business committed to ethical and sustainable practices – covering the period between 1st September 2022 and 31st August 2023. 

Blog Image 12 - Social Value Sustainability Report 2023

Throughout the report, you’ll find detailed examples of how we are building a marketplace that opens access to public sector procurement opportunities with social value at the heart. Our commitment to our purpose actively contributes to the equitable distribution of economic and social benefits, particularly in supporting smaller and diverse businesses. This promotes growth and innovation, and provides job opportunities, especially in regions like the North East of the UK, yielding benefits for broader society.

We are equally dedicated to creating a progressive and sustainable working culture and taking tangible steps to protect the natural world. While celebrating our progress, our commitment to continuous improvement establishes our business and brand as pioneers in innovation and societal impact.

“As the founder of Bloom, it brings me immense pride to present this year’s Sustainability and Social Value Report, a testament to the journey we embarked upon in 2012. Bloom was not simply created to disrupt the market; it was created to redefine it, pushing boundaries and challenging conventional thinking. Our commitment to innovation and the constant pursuit of social value have set us apart.

This report is not merely a compilation of numbers and achievements; it is a narrative of our commitment to social value. Through Bloom, we have woven a vision of positive change for citizens, taxpayers, and SMEs alike.

By reducing the time and cost of procurement, we accelerate the delivery of outcomes that enhance the lives of citizens across the UK. Our platform has empowered SMEs, enabling them to access, win, and deliver contracts in a more sustainable and environmentally conscious manner. In every success, there is a story, and within these pages, you will find the story of Bloom – a story of innovation and a commitment to making a positive impact.” – Adam Jacobs – Bloon Founder and Entrepreneur