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How ERP solutions can deliver for the public sector

The UK’s public sector must deliver complex and consistent services, often whilst contending with budgetary and administrative challenges. This makes coordination especially important. Consequently, enterprise resource planning (ERP) suites have become an increasingly crucial tool throughout the sector.  

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An ERP suite is, essentially, the central control system within an organisation. A form of software, they make it possible to easily manage processes and data in one place. They can be used in a wide variety of contexts, too, including the likes of human resources, procurement, finance, manufacturing, supply chains, and much more. 

However, choosing and implementing an appropriate ERP strategy can prove challenging. Outdated or inappropriate ERPs can make it extremely difficult for organisations to effectively deliver services without facing considerable risk – leaving little room for error.  

In simple terms, then, ERP systems help different parts of an organisation to work holistically, increasing efficiencies. For the public sector, these can take the form of… 

Smoother Operations  

The complexity of public sector processes and service delivery necessitates the integration of core functions and processes. By utilising a centralised and dedicated platform, different teams or departments can better coordinate their efforts.  

Financial Control 

Transparency is both an obligation and an expectation within the public sector. When it comes to public funds, there’s little room for error. ERP suites typically make it easier to handle all things financial management – making it easier for an organisation to effectively budget, both in the short and long-term.  

Optimised Decision-Making  

Due to the centralised nature of ERP solutions, it’s easy to access reliable and up-to-date information from each area of the organisation. This can empower decision-makers to make informed judgements and to produce detailed plans encompassing the needs of each team or department. This further enhances collaboration, whilst making it easier to dedicate resources to where they’re most needed on an ongoing basis.   

Improved Service Delivery   

The success of the public sector is measured by its ability to meet the needs of the communities it serves. The efficiencies provided by ERP solutions can decisively improve the quality of the services being delivered, by improving overall efficiency, reducing the administrative burden, and making it easier to make the most of resources. At a time when budgets are being reduced, and the public’s expectations are growing, it’s never been more important for the public sector to deliver.  

How Bloom can help you effectively implement ERP solutions  

At Bloom, we take pride in being the UK’s leading provider of professional services. Since 2012, our procurement solution and supplier community have provided far-reaching outcomes for over 500 public bodies – spanning the entirety of the public sector.  

Bloom’s experienced team have supported the public sector, including local authorities, implement their ERP objectives – achieving far-reaching outcomes that deliver for their organisations and the communities they serve.

 Helen Barlow, our Head of Client Engagement, said, ‘Bloom’s depth of experience, as well as our specialist suppliers, has allowed us to assist a variety of public bodies to comprehensively review their existing ERP systems – allowing them to choose an appropriate solution covering their long-term goals for up to ten years.’ 

She continued, ‘Local authorities in particular stand to benefit from the latest ERP solutions. Many currently suffer from both capacity and capability gaps and are therefore poised to benefit from a personalised programme of support to ensure their objectives are met’.  

In addition to this support, our fully managed and compliant procurement solution provides…

  • A rapid route to market in as little as 13 days, through mini competitions and direct awards  
  • Average savings of 14% against budget  
  • A managed approach that handles each aspect of the procurement process for you, eliminating all of the admin  
  • An easy way to embed, measure, and report on social value  

Our team would be delighted to hear about your ERP goals, and any projects you may be working on.  

Contact our team today.