At Bloom we make it easier for public sector buyers to deliver on their social value goals and objectives through our marketplace.

What is Social Value?

According to the UK government’s Social Value in Government Procurement Consultation, social value refers to the wider financial and non-financial impacts of projects and programmes including the wellbeing of individuals, communities, social capital and the environment. The UK Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 has placed social value as a key influence over policy and procurement decision makers. Challenging them to consider the social, economic and environmental benefits on the local economies they operate within.

At Bloom we make it easier for public sector buyers to deliver on their social value goals and objectives through our marketplace.

Level 2 of the Social Value Certificate

Social Value runs through the veins of our business, including our technology, policies and processes. This enables us to measure, manage and maximise the social value that we create as a business and offer our customers.

Level 2 of the Social Value Certificate

How we make it easy for you to meet your social value goals and objectives?

  • We help our customers to overcome any difficulties they may have in understanding, tendering, recording, and reporting on social value outcomes and impact.
  • We provide access to an extensive marketplace of suppliers of all sizes with a significant number from the SME and VCSE community, offering you an excellent opportunity to help deliver your social value objectives.
  • We believe social value doesn’t come at any extra cost, it’s all part of our fully managed service that we offer.

Social Value Award logo

We are proud to have been awarded the Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership Social Value Award, demonstrating strong social value within local communities. Social Value is integral to all aspects of our business model and as a socially responsible organisation we continually seek to maximise the impact of the social value we create.

Social Value Award Certificate

We’re Proud of These Achievements…

Opening Up Opportunities to SMEs

Since the commencement of the NEPRO3 contract (01 September 2019) to date (31 March 2022), over 70% of projects in our marketplace have awarded to SMEs, enabling the public sector to drive significant growth back into the local economies in which they operate.

We have facilitated the award of 2,300+ projects to SME suppliers valued at more than £325 million.

Projects awarded to SMEs, with a value of over £325 million.

We embed Social Value throughout our eprocurement portal Pro-vide 2.0.

This has enabled public sector buyers to set their social value goals and agenda for a project, whilst challenging tendering suppliers to demonstrate how they will add social value and support the delivery of the public sector buyer’s objectives.

The Bloom marketplace has a large catalogue of pre accredited third sector suppliers seeking new business opportunities with the public sector. Pro-vide 2.0 also has the functionality to specifically search for third sector suppliers. Bringing the third sector into the marketplace for the delivery of professional services.

Case Study | Media Savvy

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Further Reading

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The Principles of Social Value

View Social Value International’s guide to the Seven Principles of Social Value:

Guide to the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012

View Social Enterprise UK’s guide to the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012:

Social Value in Government Procurement

View a summary of the UK Government’s Social value in government procurement:

Measuring Social Value

As the importance of social value grows so does the need to effectively measure it. Currently Bloom utilise the National TOMs model (Themes, outcomes and Measures). Developed by Social Value Portal, the National TOMs model was launched in 2017 and has since been endorsed by the Local Government Association.

  • Themes– Our “vision” for social value
  • Outcomes – The positive changes that we want to see within our organisation.
  • Measures – How can we measure whether these outcomes are delivered upon.

To find out more please visit:

The Guide to SROI

View Social Value’s International guide to social return on investment:

Procurement Policy Note 11/20: Reserving below threshold procurements

View the Policy Note

In this short video, Paul Mander, Procurement Director at Bloom, is joined by Sarah MacNab, Head of Social Value at Bloom, to discuss the details of PPN 11/20 and provide insight into how Bloom can help your organisation to deliver its required outcomes.

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WEBINAR | Building Capacity in Children’s Social Care

Our panel of experts explored the unprecedented pressure on providers, the importance of building collaboration to ease these pressures and the benefits end-users will feel from outcomes-focused commissioning.

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VLOG | Digital Transformation

Digital skills are an essential entry requirements for two-thirds of UK SOC occupations. These occupations account for 82% of current online job vacancies. As the pandemic pushed forward a programme of digital transformation, there is now a risk that those without the required digital skills will be excluded from any economic recovery,

A digital divide in the UK economy will result in the least digitally engaged being at a real disadvantage. Helen Dobson, Managing Director at Citizens Online joined our head of social value Sarah MacNab, to discuss the threat the digital divide poses the UK’s economic recovery and the steps the public sector can take to address this.

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