Unforeseen hurdles can require public sector bodies to rapidly and effectively increase their resources of trained staff to support the needs of their organisation. This ability to scale operations up (or down) swiftly, smoothly and productively is vital for fulfilling the mandate of the department and ensuring scarce resources are used efficiently and with maximum impact.

The need for adequate surge capacity can be difficult to anticipate and can be affected by a number of factors, including:

  • Responding to evolving needs of the organisation or department as their portfolio grows in responsibilities and need for temporary additional staff to support on business-as-usual tasks during periods of increased workload.
  • Responding to a specific problem and need for specialist advisors to support implementing specific project requirements, often at short notice and urgent in nature.

The need to onboard staff, often at haste, can create new liability risks for organisations if the staff sourced are not fit for purpose. Therefore, it’s important that organisations ensure that additional resources sourced are appropriately trained and accredited, and remain so throughout the duration of requirement.

How can we help?

Bloom is ready to support government sourcing appropriate resources throughout surges in capacity to meet the challenge required. With access to over 7,500 suppliers, we can provide immediate access to the right professional services to support you during periods of peak activity. Whether this is to deliver a specialised solution to a project, or support your team manage day to day operations while freeing up your capacity to focus on achieving strategic objectives, our experience working with government means we are experienced in working with organisations to meet the constantly shifting priorities and initiatives of the time.

Working with Bloom

We have supported government departments managing waves in surges and achieving their directives across:

  • Information, Communication Technology
  • Organisational & Change Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing, Media & Communications
  • Finance, Audit & Accounting
  • Asset Management & Delivery
  • Leisure, Culture & Heritage
  • Facilities Management
  • Education, Learning & Curriculum
  • Construction, Design & Engineering

With our ability to source any supplier based on their capability to deliver your requirements, we are ideally positioned to help you deliver in these challenging times. We can act as an extension of your procurement team, ensuring you can access the suppliers you need quickly and compliantly when a surge occurs, via a fully auditable process that aligns with your governance requirements.

Bloom’s outcomes-based model allows us to deliver a fully managed end-to-end service supporting your organisation throughout surges in demand, delivering efficiencies and cost savings, ensuring you only ever pay for what is delivered. With even greater pressure on budgets anticipated in the coming months as we continue to emerge from COVID-19, managing outcomes is essential to ensuring a cost-effective surge capacity programme.

Webinar – “How can the public sector build its surge capacity capability?”

Bloom have convened a panel of experts to discuss the root causes of capacity surges and the best methods of scaling operations swiftly, smoothly and productively. This webinar discusses:

  • Why surge capacity planning should be a priority public sector-wide
  • What measures public sector organisations can put in place to mitigate risks
  • How an outcomes-based model can empower your organisation to be agile during an unforeseen surge in demand
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