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Bloom creates over £200m worth of Social Value

We’re excited to share that we have reached a new milestone in our social value journey. We are incredibly proud to have created over £200m worth of social value since the commencement of the NEPRO3 Framework back in September 2019.  

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This announcement comes on the same day as the “Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day” (MSME) day, which is very timely as a lot of the social value that we create is through the brilliant work that we do with SMEs across the UK. 
We’re exceptionally proud that over 70% of our projects are awarded to SMEs, providing impactful opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible. This simultaneously nurtures local economies and enriches communities. An amazing 92% of our accredited suppliers have an SME status and those numbers rise daily!
At Bloom, we recognise that modern procurement should go beyond buying services; it's about delivering the most advantageous outcomes, transforming communities, and creating local, societal, economic, and environmental change.
Our mission is to champion a level and equal playing field for SMEs, fostering growth within the local economies they serve. Partnering with SMEs supports these businesses’ vitality and fuels economic growth and innovation at the grassroots level.
If you’re interested in learning more about the impactful work that we do as a business, then please follow this link to see our most recent annual Sustainability and Social Value report