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Bloom awarded EcoVadis Silver Rating

Bloom is a sustainability-led business, having made a full and lasting commitment to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. We’re working towards reducing our carbon emissions by 50% by 2030, achieving net zero by 2045.


In order to achieve these ambitious goals, we’re working tirelessly to promote sustainable practices throughout our supply chain, whilst educating and encouraging our team to take meaningful actions themselves. These include everything from the increased utilisation of public transport to reduce emissions, to participating in volunteer days throughout the year.

These goals reflect Bloom’s centring of social value in everything we do. We have an obligation and a responsibility to preserve the environment for future generations, and to enable projects that deliver far-reaching benefits for communities.

To ensure that we’re making appropriate progress, and to ensure accountability, we work with a number of organisations to independently verify the social value and sustainability we provide. Ecovadis is an independent organisation that assesses and rates companies around the globe on their sustainability performance.

Ecovadis recently awarded Bloom its ‘Silver Rating’, a testament to the progress we’re making. The rating highlights both our dedication to the cause of sustainability and our leadership and competitiveness in the market.

Ben Stevenson, Bloom’s Chief of Staff and Head of Sustainability, said ‘I am absolutely thrilled that we have been awarded a silver rating from Ecovadis. Sustainability and social value are not just buzzwords for us; they are ingrained in our DNA and are integral to who we are and what we stand for’.

He added, ‘Our company purpose, ‘enabling brilliant outcomes that build a better tomorrow,’ fuels our ambition to make a positive impact. This silver rating is a testament to our unwavering energy and dedication to excellence in this field, and demonstrates a commitment to continuing our journey towards a more sustainable future’.

Whilst everyone at Bloom is delighted to have received a Silver Rating, we won’t become complacent. We’ll continue to work beyond our obligations, pursuing innovative and far-reaching measures to reduce the impact of our business, and our supply chain, on the environment.