Organisational Change Management

Our Organisational and Change Management category relates to implementing strategic change, technological change and structural change, focusing on organisational, service grouping, outward facing delivery programmes, teams and individuals transitioning. It includes all aspects of HR, learning, leadership, people and development, including strategies, policies, processes and organisational function and change.

At Bloom, we offer a fast, compliant route to market with significant savings against budget for your organisational and change management projects. We provide a fully managed procurement service covering specification development, advice on market intelligence, supplier identification and onboarding, full contract management and lessons learned upon successful delivery of outcomes. If the supplier you are looking to work with is not currently accredited, we can rapidly onboard them and undertake a direct award, ensuring you have access to the people you need, when you need them.

Business Strategy

Bloom is committed to optimising our customers’ business strategies and helping them to attain the best possible value.

Our Business Strategy category relates to the development of business strategies to support the operational and strategic decision making of our buying organisations. The category focuses on both internal and external strategy development including organisational, operational and outward facing delivery. It reflects organisational, service grouping or function-wide consultancy.

With the market for digital strategies showing unprecedented growth of late, we can also help our customers to develop a strategy for digital operations, design corporate IT or online strategies, draft approaches for analytics or cloud transitions, as well as support high-level work for technology areas such as architecture, governance and application management.

Commercialisation & Public Services

A lack of funding in recent years has meant that local authorities must look for more enterprising approaches in order to balance their budgets. Many are looking beyond service efficiencies and actively seeking new revenue streams, from establishing partnerships with commercial organisations, to setting up independent, autonomous profit-making companies.

At Bloom, we’re committed to supporting the commercialisation and income generation strategy of our customer community. Our Commercialisation and Public Sector Services category is designed to help local authorities effectively develop their approaches to trading and exporting their services locally, regionally or nationally. These commercialisation strategies can safeguard the provision of essential public services by delivering them through a new model which reduces costs or generates profits, provide a greater choice of services to address wider needs in the local area and present new opportunities that can ensure value for money and modernisation.

Marketing, Media & Communications

Increasingly, public sector organisations are understanding the value that marketing, media and communications can have for reaching, engaging and motivating the communities in which they operate. But implementing such strategies are often complicated by budgetary constraints, rapid technological advances and strict adherence to government regulations.

Our specialists can identify and source the right creative suppliers for your organisation, increasing value, reducing risk and achieving the best savings possible. Our Marketing, Media & Communications category encompasses design, creativity, communication, public relations, media types and channels, as well as corporate or service group wide strategies and policy. The category also includes outward-facing marketing and communication programmes that aim to help your organisation raise awareness, educate, drive engagement and improve how it communicates with the public.

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