Environment, Sustainability & Waste

With a new UK-wide push for environmental consciousness, the public sector is becoming more proactive in developing sustainable practices and incorporating them into business objectives.

With social value deeply embedded in our DNA, we have a proven track record in empowering our public sector customers to deliver on their carbon net zero targets and help build a sustainable world for future generations. Our Environment, Sustainability and Waste category covers a wide spectrum from impact assessments professional advice, strategy and policy development, implementation of legislation and directives affecting delivery and processes. Our pre-accredited environment and sustainability consultant suppliers have extensive knowledge on environmental regulations and can advise your organisation on how to steer clear of possible fines, legal action or misguided transactions, all while offering significant savings against your budget.

Environmental Health & Consumer Protection

The public sector is under increasing pressure to protect and improve the health, safety, economic wellbeing and environment of communities across the UK. This includes ensuring all goods on sale to the public are safe for their intended use and that consumers are protected against the potential risks from unsafe goods that are manufactured or sold.

Our Environmental Health and Consumer Protection category covers all specialist professional services related to the guidance and controls needed to comply with relevant legislation. This covers monitoring risk and responding to compliance of legislative breaches and ensuring that all products sold comply with any relevant legislation or recognised safety standard. Our rigorously assessed supply chain is continuously monitored and will help ensure your environmental health projects move as quickly, efficiently and compliantly as possible.

Housing & Community

Having worked with some of the largest housing associations in the UK, Bloom understands the current pressures faced by the housing sector. Our Housing and Community category covers a range of activities and aims to allow overstretched teams to focus on strategic issues, adding more benefit to your organisation as a result.

As a Bloom customer, you’ll have access to a fully compliant and cost-effective route to market for your projects, offering you a wide selection of pre-accredited suppliers in the housing and community space. Our team of category experts have a wealth of experience in the sector and can support your organisation with community projects related to social inclusion, policing, neighbourhoods, community safety and health, area action partnerships, community integration and legislative changes, as well as housing projects across planning, consultation, regeneration, social landlords and decent homes.

Leisure, Tourism & Heritage

Our Leisure, Culture and Heritage category covers the physical and intangible attributes of a community or society that are inherited from past generations. It aims to capture the specialist professional services requirements related to the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage.

With extensive experience in delivering professional services to the public sector, we understand how important high-quality suppliers can be to your leisure, culture and heritage projects. When utilising our dynamic marketplace, your organisation can benefit from a diverse range of pre-accredited suppliers with the capability to work either remotely or on-site. These suppliers range from VCSEs and local SMEs to established organisations already doing business in the marketplace, ensuring that you always have the right providers available to match your complex requirements.

Facilities Management & Catering

Finding the right suppliers to maintain your facilities in a fully compliant manner can be a challenging task.

Through our pre-accredited network of suppliers and fully compliant framework, we can guarantee delivery of quality outcomes for your Facilities Management and Catering projects. We fully manage all aspects of the procurement process through direct award or mini-competition, ensuring we can get the right suppliers at the right price every time.

Our category experts can support your business with a number of multi-disciplinary activities within the built and catering environment and the management of your organisation’s impact upon people and the workplace, including food hygiene, healthy eating programmes, kitchen surveys, and assessing and reviewing all buildings, as well as all services within the building. With fully transparent governance and robust reporting throughout the process, you’ll always get the cast iron delivery assurance that’s at the heart of our service.

Planning & Development

Our Planning and Development Control category covers the procedures responsible for planning applications for new developments or building enhancements. The category also includes guidance surrounding the building regulations required for the construction of structures and environmental planning advice including agricultural land assessments, mining, groundwater constraints for developments and marine licence advice. Through this category, we can also support customers with development management and creating local plans.

With a wealth of experience in the sector, Bloom can act as extension of your team and deliver support through the planning process, including placing the right people to review applications and submit on your behalf through peak or high demand times. Through our fully compliant procurement service, we can offer fast access to the most relevant pre-accredited suppliers through direct award or mini-competition, giving you a compliant and efficient route to project delivery.

Highways & Transport

Our dedicated Highways and Transport category includes the design, planning engineering, structural testing and evaluation associated with highways and public/passenger transport, as well as service planning and monitoring. The category spans both strategic and operational aspects of the services including all transportation types for public, commercial and commuter requirements in both the private and public sector.

Acting as your expert delivery partner, our team can provide you with all preconstruction works to deliver the required outputs for your highways and transport projects, no matter what the scope, value or complexity. With a statement of works creation and a robust accreditation process for all suppliers onboarded, as well as collateral warranties and a team of category experts on-hand, our customers benefit from complete reassurance throughout their project lifecycle and beyond.

Construction, Design & Engineering

Our Construction, Design & Engineering category focuses on supporting your organisation with accredited, knowledgeable consultants and architects who can deliver imperative professional services for your next project.

Construction projects can be complex. Our customers are often faced with a number of issues, from budgetary restrictions and compliance concerns to varying insurance requirements.

At Bloom, we understand these challenges and can work with you from the outset to meet your every need and budget, offering as much or as little service as you need. From small projects to total delivery solutions, you can choose to run a mini-competition or quickly appoint a specific supplier. We will provide you with a fast and fully compliant to market, saving you time whilst maximising value and productivity in the procurement process.

Asset Management

Bloom have facilitated the successful delivery of expansive Asset Management and Delivery projects across the country on behalf of the public sector. Through this category, our team of experts can support your organisation with fixed assets including land, building, equipment, facilities, machinery and vehicles, as well as the function, capability, capacity and resource control of these assets in order to maximise efficiency, usage and delivery.

Working your expert partner, our team can ensure your asset management projects are delivered to a high standard on time and within budget, every time. Each and every supplier we onboard go through a robust and detailed accreditation process to verify their capability to deliver, giving contracting authorities the cast-iron assurance that’s at the heart of our service.

When utilising our dynamic marketplace, the public sector can benefit from a diverse range of specialist suppliers. If the supplier you are looking to work with is not currently accredited, Bloom can rapidly onboard them and make a direct award, giving you a compliant and efficient route to project delivery.

Social Value & Regeneration

At Bloom, we’re passionate about helping our customers reach their social value goals and aspirations. Through our dedicated Social Value and Regeneration category, we can support your organisation with external strategies and policies to enable the delivery of social value and regeneration projects, as well as advice on how social objectives can be weaved into existing projects.

Our category experts will work with you from the outset to develop a true understanding of your project needs and identify how and where social value can be incorporated, ensuring we can achieve the best possible social, economic and environmental outcomes throughout the lifetime of your project and beyond.

The only procurement specialist to be awarded Level Two of the Social Value Certificate, we can evidence that our business systems and processes enable us to measure, manage and maximise social value for our community of customers. Our expert team utilise the national government-endorsed National Themes, Outcomes and Measures (TOMs) framework across all procurement activity, allowing us to rigorously report on and evaluate social value as part of our supplier evaluation process, delivering complete assurance to our customers.

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