West Sussex County Council & Torne and Shirmers

Supporting effective collaboration in the South East

UK-based SME, Torne and Shirmers delivers critical business solutions to a diverse range of business sectors.

As a Bloom Accredited Supplier, the SME has provided ongoing support and delivered effective, practical business solutions through NEPRO to Local Authorities across the UK.

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“We were proud to support West Sussex County Council and CAPITA with their annual planning programme and help to deliver the best outcomes for the County.”
Neil Wilkinson, Managing Director, Torne and Shirmers

The challenge

West Sussex County Council has an ongoing partnership with Capita. To support an annual planning exercise, the council needed an independent facilitator to run a collaborative one-day workshop designed to set annual objectives and outputs.

The selected supplier was required to engage teams from Capita and West Sussex County Council’s Service Leads and Contract Management teams, in order to create an agreed medium to long-term action plan. The long-term plan was required to:

  • Facilitate collaborative working to define clear goals and identify any inter-dependencies
  • Enable transparency of constraints and drivers
  • Create an all-inclusive review of the services across the Partnership
  • Provide a framework that facilitates collaborative, productive and proactive working

A key objective for the chosen supplier was to review service levels in line with the council’s transformation programmes and strategic direction.

Our solution

Bloom worked with the council to refine the requirement and develop a shortlist of suppliers with proven capabilities to achieve all the required outcomes for the council to review. Following the shortlisting and subsequent competitive tender via NEPRO, Torne and Shirmers were awarded the requirement.

The outcome

To ensure all parties were prepared for the workshop, Torne and Shirmers organised pre-workshop introductions, refined the scope of requirements for the council and made a suite of preparation recommendations.

As a result of these initial communications, Torne and Shirmers provided training and also provided preliminary meeting feedback. In order to ensure the workshop ran smoothly, Torne and Shirmers:

  • Applied a facilitated ‘consensus’ approach to ensure support for group decisions
  • Established clear, agreed requirements and deliverables
  • Employed an interactive and visual approach to identify the tasks and activities needed to describe the plan
  • Used impact, proximity and probability analysis to evaluate the risks and opportunities presented in the plan and advise an appropriate mitigations and contingency approach
  • Reviewed and sense checked the network diagram to ensure full engagement and support for the outputs of the day

Following the workshop, Torne and Shirmers also facilitated a follow up session to conclude all findings and actions discussed on the day.

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