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Public sector organisations are facing extraordinary budgetary pressures. The Local Government Association estimates that in the past decade councils will have had budgets cut by almost 60 pence out of every £1 the Government provides for services. As a result, the public sector has been forced to look for new ways to drive efficiencies and explore the cost saving opportunities presented through digitalisation of services.

A successful digital transformation programme will complete a front-end analysis of their transformation programme. This will identify migration and exit risks, whilst facilitating the creation of mitigation strategies. Detailed change management planning allows local authorities to identify future pressures such as skills gaps and take actions to ensure effective implementation.

IMD Group’s client organisation is responsible for providing digital and information technology into the hands of its users, local and worldwide.

With a proven track record, IMD have been helping to lead digital transformation of in-house capabilities including modernising IT networks and end user connectivity.

IMD worked with their client, providing the skills and outcomes needed to deliver increased digital efficiencies against considerable programme management, financial and technical challenges.


IMD’s client needed confidence in planning and delivery, whilst being informed on digital initiative investments. These support requirements included organisation and services design, change management and technical IT support.

As their trusted partner of over 2 years, it was IMD’s role to coordinate transformational change programmes, whilst also getting hands on, to identify & manage a wide range of digital efficiency initiatives. This was from start to finish, plus tracking of benefit, which meant everything from supporting increased remote user demand and a better experience through to assuring stakeholders on the security risk of the new systems.


A tailored team of experts embedded themselves at the heart of the client team to form strong partnerships and share knowledge to address cross-function skills needs. Through comprehensive readiness assessments & planning insights IMD rapidly identified what was needed to ensure buy-in at all levels and the right cultural and technology changes.

A collaborative approach was key to remain aligned to changing client priorities and organisational constraints, whilst achieving the digital connectivity vision. IMD designed the transformation strategy and formed a robust yet adaptable roadmap of initiatives to support the technology implementation and successful delivery.


IMD’s Change Road Map


About IMD Group

IMD specialise in delivering complex digital transformation in the secure and public sector environments – all the while using our proven methodologies and tools, flexibly filling your capability gaps, upskilling your teams and de-risking our exit. That’s the IMD difference.

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