Coordinating secure assured connectivity to users and customers

IMD Group’s client is responsible for providing digital and information technology into the hands of its users, local and worldwide.

With a proven track record, IMD has been helping to lead the transformation of a satellite communications programme and the IT Network which included migration to new suppliers. IMD have instilled a high level of organisation decision support through strategic risk management.

IMD worked with their client providing the skills and outcomes needed to deliver increased digital efficiencies against considerable programme management, financial and security challenge.

IMD’s client needed confidence in the planning and delivery of complex digital infrastructure whilst achieving assurance on the  security of the solutions. These support requirements included:

  • Review and design of organisation models and services
  • Programme control & leadership
  • Requirements & change management
  • Technical delivery assurance

As the trusted partner of over 2 years it was IMD’s role to coordinate digital infrastructure transformation programmes with many interdependent components. There were many stakeholders, often with competing priorities, contrasting views and conflicting visions of where to go next. IMD were hands on in delivery to ensure roll out remained effective and compliant with security policy.


IMD successfully implemented a robust transformation programme strategy, PMO improvement initiatives, and refined the digital talent of the client’s cross-functional team.

IMD shaped a holistic approach to overseeing new customer IT requirements and removing existing inefficiencies & working practices. These changes were data driven at speed, it was front and centre of strategy, focus and investment. It allowed better evaluation of processes, analysis of each step and identified problems, incoherency and challenges accurately. This meant fully exploited digital solutions using IMD subject matter expert insights to provide assurance to stakeholders.

From risk analysis to remote readiness – IMD worked closely with the wider stakeholder community to ensure everyone was on the same page. And stayed that way.


IMD’s Change Road Map


About IMD Group

IMD specialise in delivering complex digital transformation in the secure and public sector environments – all the while using our proven methodologies and tools, flexibly filling your capability gaps, upskilling your teams and de-risking our exit. That’s the IMD difference.

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