Cheshire East Council

Sourcing an outdoor education specialist

Cheshire East Council required a consultant to act on behalf of 153 schools within the borough, for the Learning Outside The Classroom (LOTC) project.

The consultant needed to have experience and working knowledge of Learning Outside The Classroom. Specifically, they needed experience of managing the risks associated with educational visits and applications for events.

Cheshire East Council turned to Bloom and its community of pre-accredited suppliers to find an expert with a proven track record that could deliver specialist services at best value.

£4500 savings against budget

“As a result of the project we were able to provide a professional support service around Learning Outside The Classroom staffed by specialists in the field”
Mike Harris, Service Manager: Governance and Liaison People Directorate, Cheshire East

The challenge
The council needed a reliable service which had the capability as well as the experience to recognise and adapt to the individual child or young person’s needs. They required the successful supplier to:

  • Provide leadership on all aspects relating to LOTC and any educational visits via the EVOLVE system, the industry standard online portal for sharing and storage of risk assessments for school trips and activities.
  • Manage the  EVOLVE portal which  contains all information required to remotely manage a response to a disaster in a remote location as well as relay training messages and keeping Educational Visits Coordinators (EVC) trainers updated with the latest information and training.
  • Provide developmental and consultative work to ensure effective support to schools to manage risk associated with Educational visits and LOTC
  • Build access to appropriate support and training for EVC trainers
  • Establish monitoring arrangements for quality assurance

Our solution
Bloom worked with the council to create a specific requirement and run a competitive tender to source a supplier that had the resource and proven experience to deliver the most suitable approach.

Bloom invited three niche Accredited Suppliers to bid for the requirement. The successful supplier’s focus was on serving the needs of the Cheshire West, Chester and Wirral Council Education sector.

The outcome
Our supplier was able to deliver a specific Cheshire East Council advisor that no other service was offering, demonstrating the best value for money through their full experience and understanding of the council’s requirement for outdoor educational services. The project continues to remain strong, with some additional ongoing network meetings being provided.

Our supplier successfully delivered the LOTC services £4500 below requirement budget with 32 days from requirement to project start. To date Cheshire East Council has procured professional services for over 182 requirements worth almost £10 million to through Bloom and the NEPRO solution.

“I very much appreciated the simplicity of the NEPRO solution and its user friendly interface assisted with getting the supplier on board.”
Mike Harris, Service Manager: Governance and Liaison People Directorate, Cheshire East

View PDF: Cheshire East Council - Learning Outside the Classroom