At Bloom our open approach to procurement is unique. We’re free to think differently to solve challenges, offering control, choice, value and compliance

Specification build

Our team of category experts will work with you to develop a high-quality, outcomes-based specification for your project or programme, sharing learnings and best practice from our library of over 4000 specifications.

Supplier identification & onboarding

Selecting from our dynamic supplier marketplace encompassing large corporates, SMEs and Third Sector, we will identify & support shortlisting of the most appropriate services suppliers, rapidly identifying & onboarding new suppliers where needed. Feedback is provided on all tenders to ensure learnings are shared across public sector suppliers to improve future outcomes.

Fully managed procurement process

We fully manage all aspects of the procurement process through direct award or mini-competition using the best framework or solution or your needs providing visibility to clients at every stage via our digital platform.

Contract award & Statement of Works creation​

Working with both the buyer and the successful supplier we will develop a high-quality, fully IR35 compliant statement of works that is based on outcomes and value.

Project initiation

Our team of project experts will work with all parties to initiate the project to the highest possible standard, laying the foundations for success.

Contract management

Our team of contract managers will closely monitor and manage the contract through to completion, ensuring all milestones are achieved. You will only pay for what has been delivered.

After action review & lessons learned​

Upon successful completion of projects our team will conduct after-action reviews and lessons learned to ensure there is continuous improvement. ​

Case Study | Accessing short term specialist support

Cardiff Council required a solution to manage an unprecedented demand in children’s social care cases. Employing an outcomes-based approach Bloom, via NEPRO, provided the Council a managed service and access to an extensive pre-accredited supply chain that could provide the relevant services at less cost.

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Social Value

We believe that social value outcomes should be at the heart of procurement. Through our dynamic marketplace of suppliers we are proud to support you to open up your procurement opportunities to all 3rd sector organisations – SMEs, mutuals, charities, and social enterprises. ​

Our solution delivers impact to local economies, allowing you to select local suppliers to deliver your projects, harnessing the finest talent from across the public, private and voluntary sectors.

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