I truly believe that if we have happy, motivated and engaged colleagues within Bloom, this will lead to greater customer satisfaction – delivering an outstanding customer experience is our number one priority. 
Working at Bloom will be a very exciting, rewarding and challenging opportunity.

Procurement Operations

Otherwise known as ‘The Engine Room’, once a customer is working with us, this team is vital for the management and delivery of our projects, providing support to both buyers and suppliers. No day looks the same for procurement operations; with a number of projects on the go, they could be working on a social care project one day then a major construction project the next. This team sets it foundation on having well-oiled processes and customer facing skills.

If you like operational processes, talking to people, and working within a busy team, then a role in procurement operations could be for you.

Client Solutions

The Client Solutions team are business development professionals who are responsible for having the right conversations with new and key decision makers in organisations that could benefit from our solution. This go-getting team thrive in enabling new customers to work with us. Client Solutions Directors are the first point of contact, taking considered time to get to know the customer, ensuring they consult with them on their needs. A highly autonomous team, they are often out in the field attending sales and marketing events, meeting potential customers, and expanding Bloom’s presence.

Customer Development

The Customer Development team take over from the Client Solutions team, ensuring the customers who are already on board are well looked after and cared for. This team is also field based, often finding themselves travelling to their assigned customers offices. Offering guidance, support and knowledge during the tender process and beyond, the Customer Development Manager’s main task is to maintain and build strong, long-lasting relationships, so that their journey and experience with Bloom continues long into the future.


The Finance team are a key part of our customer experience, driving operational excellence to ensure buyers and suppliers are paying and being paid on time. They ensure that colleagues understand the performance of the business and offer insight that supports and drives decisions.


The People team is accountable for ensuring that managers have the tools they need to ensure our colleagues have a positive experience. Focusing on attracting, developing and retaining talent, they want everyone to succeed.


The marketing team are responsible for mastering our message and getting it out into the market so that customers who can benefit from our solution know how to work with us. With multi-channel experience, this team is accountable for positioning Bloom as ‘Thought-Leaders’ in the public sector procurement domain.


With so much information available and an interesting product, this team ensures that our customers and colleagues can use our platform effectively and get the data they need.

In addition, they look at ways in which this data can be utilised to improve the customer journey and experience.

Meet our People

Paul Seed
Senior Category Specialist
Procurement Operations


Why did you join Bloom?
Because Bloom are a forward thinking, dynamic company. I had spent 20 years in the print industry as a buyer and needed a new challenge and Bloom has ticked all the boxes.

What is it like working in the Procurement Operations team?
Challenging yet interesting. The people are great, and it is the friendliest team I have ever worked with. No matter how busy we are we all look after each other.

What smell do you like the most, how did that come about?
Cooked pineapple and smoked kippers – but I hate the taste of both!

If you could create a mantra to live your life by right now, what would it be?
Respect each other.

Liam Burgess
IT & Applications Specialist


What is it like working in the Tech team?
Working in the Tech team is great! We are a tight knit team as we all have to work closely with each other to ensure we get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. With Technology and Data its sometimes quite difficult to unpick things, so sometimes we need to lean on each other for support, which we are all happy to do, not just within the tech team, but everyone within Bloom.

What do you want to get out of your role at Bloom?
I get a great sense of achievement from my role. A lot of people look to me for support on errors and training, and I am always more than happy to help. I feel great when I am able to help people.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I like to go for long walks; I have just got a puppy so my hands are pretty full with her at the moment! I also love to spend time with my family and friends and getting to meet new people. I love food! I am a massive foodie and you will probably find me in and around Newcastle at various restaurants (my friends on Facebook always mention my “Check ins” when they see me!)

Kyla Edwards
Internal Recruiter


Why did you join Bloom?
I wanted to work for a company that had good energy, that fits around my lifestyle, and where I could try new things.

What do you want to get out of your role?
I enjoying bringing some of my other passions into work and blend them together. I want to continue bringing amazing people into Bloom and have a positive impact across the team wherever and however I can!

If your life was represented by colours what would they be?
A rainbow. Colourful, bold, and mystical – have you ever found the end of a rainbow?

What gets you really, really excited?
Experiencing the wonders of life. It can be something really small, it could be something marvellous. Everything is a gift!

Jo Frodhe
Client Services Manager
Customer Development


What’s it like working in the customer development team?
I work directly on site with one of our clients and since the day I started I can honestly say that every day is different! We have many stakeholders within one organisation and those stakeholder relationships underpin the success of my role. I also enjoy the internal work I am working on for Bloom which brings even more variation – it keeps me on my toes!

What do you want to get out of your role at Bloom?
I love helping and supporting people, it is something that I value, and it is who I am. I have worked in various procurement roles for 17 years and my best days are the ones where I help people, have a giggle, and I make them feel good too! Bloom offers a full value proposition to its clients and I feel that my role is key to establishing this with clients.

What does ‘being accountable’ for your own happiness mean to you?
I have a favourite quote which I live by “Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything which no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy” (Robert Tew). I find that taking personal responsibility for yourself and your actions is so important for your development as a human. It can be tough to make what you know is the right decision, but I feel it is always important to pursue happiness..

Enough about us. Like what you see?

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