Rough sleeping remains a significant and growing problem in the UK.

The total number of rough sleepers in the UK has increased by 165% since 2010. Over 120,000 children are housed in temporary accommodation, with the number of people in temporary accommodation at its highest in over 10 years. Over the past year, there has been an 11.4% increase in the number of households assessed by local authorities as either homeless or threatened with homelessness.

The rise in homelessness is a very visual demonstration of the challenges that local authorities and housing are facing in helping everyone to achieve those fundamentals. Homelessness is at the acute end of a long journey into housing crisis, which, at the other end, includes families and individuals experiencing challenges that are causing housing stress for the very first time.

The UK government recognise that prevention of homelessness is an urgent priority for the UK and requires collective and coherent action.

How can we help?

Bloom work closely with housing associations and local authorities across the UK to provide meaningful and accredited housing solutions to rough sleepers. With access to over 7,500 suppliers, we can help partner you with the right suppliers to develop a long-term solution to homelessness.

In response to the urgent need to address homelessness, the UK government has announced that it will provide £254 million of additional funding to tackle homelessness and rough sleeping in 2021-2022. This additional funding will support frontline services through the Rough Sleeping Initiative and enable local authorities to fund their statutory duties to prevent homelessness. Our team of procurement specialists will work with you to develop a fully compliant, outcomes-based specification for your rough sleeping project, providing standardised documentation and sharing learnings and best practice based on the more than 7,000 projects we have delivered to date.

Working with Bloom

With our ability to source any supplier based on their capability to deliver your requirements, we are ideally positioned to help you deliver in these challenging times. We can act as an extension of your procurement team, ensuring you can access the suppliers you need quickly and compliantly to support rough sleepers, via a fully auditable process that aligns with your governance requirements.

Bloom’s outcomes-based model allows us to deliver a fully managed end to end service supporting you implement reliable long-term solutions, delivering efficiencies and cost savings, and ensures you only pay for what is delivered. With even greater pressure on budgets anticipated in the coming months as we continue to emerge from COVID-19, managing outcomes is essential to ensuring a cost-effective and meaningful solution to homelessness.

Webinar – “Delivering Housing Solutions For Rough Sleepers”

Bloom partnered with Newcastle City Council and Neil Morland & Co Housing Consultants to explore how meaningful and lasting housing solutions can be implemented to support those in need. This webinar explores:

  • How Housing Associations can collaborate with stakeholders to rehouse people who have experienced homelessness
  • How Newcastle is utilising Rough Sleeping Initiative funding to end homelessness
  • Some of the housing projects Newcastle has implemented, and the challenges encountered along the way
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