Procurement within the central government sector has witnessed a significant change and continues to do so, with constantly shifting priorities and initiatives. In addition to ever-decreasing resources, it is more challenging for those in central government to achieve the directives being issued.

More recently our government has faced a once-in-a-generation crisis that has required them to respond quickly, by accessing a network of suppliers who have not traditionally focussed their service delivery on the public sector, central government in particular. Whatever the political and social climate, businesses look towards central government to understand how they can deal with these situations, and guidance on the help available and the help they can provide.

With our ability to source any supplier based on their capability to deliver your requirements, we are ideally positioned to help you deliver in these challenging times. We can act as an extension of your procurement team, ensuring you can access the suppliers you need quickly and compliantly, via a fully auditable process that aligns with your governance requirements.

Digital Transformation

In 2012 the UK Government set out its programme of digital transformation, which aimed to make the most high-volume services ‘digital by default’. As of 2018, The Government and other public sector organisations had spent more than £3.2bn on digital, data and technology services. 

COVID-19 has seen digitally agile working practices become essential for public sector organisations to operate effectively. Changes to working practices, such as facilitating remote working and the growth of government self-service portals are pivotal to service delivery as we transition to the new normal. Our supply chain can offer end-to-end solutions from initial diagnostic work, to identify needs and opportunities through discovery and feasibility studies, to the migration from legacy systems and the rollout of self-service tools into local authorities. All of our supplier partners will ensure all data and information processed is handled in a safe and compliant manner.

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Surge Capacity Support

Unforeseen hurdles can require public sector bodies to rapidly and effectively increase their resources of trained staff to support the needs of their organisation. This ability to scale operations up (or down) swiftly, smoothly and productively is vital for fulfilling the mandate of the department and ensuring scarce resources are used efficiently and with maximum impact.

The need to onboard staff, often at haste, can create new liability risks for organisations if the staff sourced are not fit for purpose. Therefore, it’s important that organisations ensure that additional resources sourced are appropriately trained and accredited, and remain so throughout the duration of requirement.

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Key Categories of Spend

  • Information, Communication Technology
  • Organisational & Change Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing, Media & Communications
  • Finance, Audit & Accounting

  • Asset Management & Delivery
  • Leisure, Culture & Heritage
  • Facilities Management
  • Education, Learning & Curriculum
  • Construction, Design & Engineering


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Social Value

We understand our responsibility as we grow to build an ethical, unique and inspiring business. We align ourselves with the core issues and values that matter most to our stakeholders, ensuring that what we do fulfills the needs of current generations without compromising those of the future.

Social Value was the beginning of our journey to sustainability. It remains an integral part of who we are, reaffirming our mission to make it easier for our public sector customers to deliver on their social value goals and objectives through our marketplace. Today, we are proud to call Bloom Essential the home of sustainability and social value at Bloom.

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