Making sense of the Procurement Act with the Cabinet Office and Cheshire East Council

Join Bloom, NEPO, the Cabinet Office, and Cheshire East Council as we discuss the Procurement Act in an engaging and informative format.

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The Procurement Act

The Procurement Act will make it easier for businesses to enter public sector supply chains and this will benefit Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Voluntary, Community, and Social Enterprises (VCSEs), both of which have historically faced barriers in working with central government and the wider public sector. Whilst we face an imminent election, it's likely the Act will take effect regardless of the outcome.

The Procurement Act is therefore an opportunity to make it easier to do business with the public sector.

It’s free to register to view our pre-recorded webinar, which will provide you with an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Act - whether you represent a public sector organisation or a supplier of professional services. 

Watch our webinar on the Procurement Act

Procurement Act key considerations...

We recognise the importance of making a full commitment to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from our activities, supporting the wider commitment of the world to limit temperature increases.

  • Upskilling Requirements

    Public sector organisations will, potentially, face new administrative tasks and upskilling requirements. They will now have to consider barriers to SMEs bidding for contracts.
  • Publish Pipelines

    Larger contracting authorities will need to publish pipelines of their future procurement plans so that SMEs can form consortia and properly prepare for bids.
  • Most Advantageous Tender

    They will need to evaluate bids to identify the "Most Advantageous Tender" (MAT), expanding the definition of value for money to account for wider social, economic, and environmental benefits, typically referred to as ‘social value’.