Helping the public sector prepare for PFI contract expiry

With many Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contracts coming to an end, public sector organisations across the UK face the challenge of managing the return of a wide range of assets, such as roads, schools, and hospitals.

However, PFI contracts can be significantly complex and may have been revised to reflect changes in service requirements, representing a risk in terms of pressure on public sector resources and service disruption.

At Bloom, we can support public sector organisations with their preparation for PFI contract expiry through the innovative NEPRO³ framework. NEPRO³ provides the public sector with a compliant and efficient route to appointing specialist professional services. Offering a PFI Support sub-category entirely dedicated to providing expertise in this area, Bloom will also help the public sector to identify any opportunities to collaborate and further reduce any potential risks.

Our customers benefit from access to the Bloom marketplace, which offers a range of accredited suppliers able to support the PFI expiry process. Many of these specialists are SMEs with first-hand knowledge of the contracts that were put in place during the 26 years of the PFI model. Bloom can help the public sector to manage the process from specification through to delivery, ultimately achieving the best outcomes for the communities we serve.

To find out how Bloom and the NEPRO³ framework can support your organisation with a PFI contract expiry, please contact our team today.