Applying a modern threat-based approach to cloud security

A range of cyber-related threats has significantly grown alongside the COVID-19 pandemic, causing major concern for Chief Technology Officers and IT Directors in public sector organisations. 

With a spike in home working and utilisation of home networking like never before, we continue to leverage technology to adapt to remote working. But with so many now working on unsecured home or public networksit is clear the increase in use is amplifying the global cybercrime threat.  

Adaptable cyber fraudsters are seeking to utilise the pandemic for commercial gain, exploiting new home working solutions through the variety of publicly known vulnerabilities in VPNs and other remote working tools and software.  

The importance of having cyber security systems in place to identify and quarantine, whilst ensuring that all employees are provided suitable training to spot suspicious communication, has never been more business-critical. 

Cloud technologies are now widely used and the benefits are clear. But how do secure government departments and businesses within the high-trust sector, whose mission is centred around holding sensitive or classified data, take advantage of these technologies and ecosystems for both public and private cloud?  

Our Bloom pre-accredited supplier, BAE Systems, specialise in helping secure government departments and high-trust sectors make the most of cloud and other digital technologies. This helps customers to achieve the agility and resilience that cloud offers and to become a modern digital organisation, without compromising on security. 

BAE have proven and continuously evolving ways of working across security environments, and work with customers on embedding any cultural change. The cross-domain products enable secure information transfers between environments and are used globally by secure government customers and high-trust sectors. They have developed a modern threat-based cloud security approach to new and organisation-specific challenges. 

Here at Bloom, our dynamic marketplace and supplier roster are well-positioned to support and navigate you through your cyber security concerns and project requirements. We have an extensive range of partners with key credentials and accreditations who can support you during these times of vulnerability, offering certified cyber security consultancy for both risk assessment and risk management as well as penetration testing and accredited cyber security training to aid with upskilling your team. 

We can act as an extension of your procurement team, ensuring you can access the suppliers you need quickly and compliantly, via a fully auditable process that aligns with your governance requirements. 

The impact of COVID-19 will undoubtedly be felt for years to come and the vital role ICT plays will continue to grow. With new shifts in technology and working practices comes new challenges and new cyber crime-related activity, Bloom are here to help you now and in the future with your cyber security and ICT requirements. 

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