Bloom support Social Value UK Inspiring Impact Roadshow

Bloom were proud to support Social Value UK’s Inspiring Impact Roadshow in Newcastle.

Hosted at Breeze Creatives’ Bamburgh House, the event brought together members of the public, private and 3rd sectors from across the North East. The agenda focused on providing an overview of what social value is on a regional and national scale. As well as highlighting its importance to every organisation.

It gave local organisations the opportunity to network, share issues, skills and resources relevant to the North East region.

The roadshow also hosted a VCSE focused workshop exploring impact management. Which gave attendees practical exercises, case studies and tools to be used in their own organisations.

As part of this workshop, social enterprise Impeller Assurance Limited presented a case study on how becoming a Bloom accredited supplier enabled them to win contracts and deliver projects for Newcastle City Council. Allowing Newcastle City Council to embed social value into their tendering and awarding processes.

Bloom Strategic Procurement Consultant Jo Parkes-Newton added “It was great to work closely with Social Value UK to support the Inspiring Impact Roadshow. It provided a great opportunity to network with like-minded individuals across sectors to find solutions to the complex barriers to maximising social value in the region.

“We are committed to embedding social value across all functions of our organisation. To do this we are looking to create a 3rd sector supplier community that can service the needs of the public sector. This will give access to over 320 public sector buying organisations. Providing sustainable revenue streams to the 3rd sector as well allowing the public sector to reinvest their resources into the local community.”

Following an extensive examination from Social Value UK, Bloom recently achieved Level One of the Social Value Certificate. We are delighted to be the first procurement specialist to achieve this recognition. This is the first stage of a three-part pathway we are undertaking to maximise our social value. Now our focus is working towards achieving levels Two and Three of the Social Value Certificate.