Due to unprecedented demand, we’ve created a new diagnostic service to help clients mitigate off-payroll tax risks starting on 6 April.

It’s a 4 step solution, starting with a diagnostic of existing contractors and ending with a compliant, outcome-focussed procurement of a Statement of Work solution (SoW).  But we believe these tax rule changes are another reason to move to outcome-based procurement and that’s at the heart of what we do.

4 steps to mitigate the risk of tax rule changes

We know public sector procurement and management professionals already face big challenges. Our clients were telling us that imminent changes to off-payroll tax rules are a serious cause for concern and a new, further challenge.  So we listened and designed a service to help.

We’ve created a structured way to explore the current risks and identify the best solution to manage them.  It’s a tailor-made diagnostic for clients. It’s available now and builds on our existing neutral vendor solution, delivering the same important benefits such as a quick, compliant route to market with the best choice of small and large suppliers, offering the latest thinking.

Clients already signed up include buyers from central and local government, universities and a major police force.

We’re ready to help you

If you’re concerned with the risks you’re facing with these important changes, get in touch and we’ll talk about how we can help.