Bloom & NEPO Q&A

In 2012, NEPO developed an innovative new approach to procuring professional services, by using a neutral vendor to manage a dynamic supplier marketplace. The resulting solution was named NEPRO and Bloom was appointed as the neutral vendor.

NEPRO is a managed service solution that provides a cost-effective and compliant route for the procurement of professional services by the public sector. Through NEPRO, buyers can choose from thousands of providers via a pre-accredited supply chain, available across 20 categories and 340 sub-categories of professional services spend.

Buyers are helped to define a robust specification for the required outcome. Procurement specialists then manage the invitation to bid, proposal receipt, evaluation and selection of the best supplier to meet the need. That means suppliers can be briefed, contracted and working on site in significantly less time than traditional procurement routes.

In this interview, Nicola Shelley, managing director and Steven Sinclair, procurement and commercial director at NEPO join Adam Jacobs, founder and Amabel Grant, CEO at Bloom to celebrate ten years of providing the public sector with specialist professional services.

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