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I’m a supplier – how do I get started?

Suppliers register and then go through an accreditation process to become part of the Bloom supplier community.

Registration is the first stage when you give us initial contact details. Accreditation is the Bloom quality evaluation process that all suppliers go through to access our opportunities with the public sector.

You’ll need to decide which NEPRO categories to register for that best match your capabilities. See our category list for full details.  Then download the suppliers’ guide to getting started with Bloomour case study template and visit our cloud-based portal PRO-VIDE to begin.

For ADIRA, please visit our dedicated portal to register.  View the ADIRA Category List

I’m a supplier – why should I work with Bloom?

A growing number of public sector bodies are choosing a Neutral Vendor approach across all procurement categories, including professional services.

To access these opportunities through Bloom, suppliers need to be accredited. This gives you the opportunity to prove your suitability for the projects on offer and ensures that you’re on the radar for future opportunities.

You’ll then be able to promote your accreditation with Bloom. This offers you an efficient route to market, via a national framework for professional services.  Download our guide to Bloom for more detail.

Once accredited, suppliers receive automated alerts, giving them the chance to evaluate the opportunity and whether or not to respond. These are pre-qualified, well-defined and genuine opportunities to win public sector business.

Our service delivery team works between you and the client to ensure the smooth running of the project. You’ll get open and honest feedback on bids. There’s also the chance to network and partner with complimentary suppliers to access wider opportunities.

How long is the supplier accreditation process?

To join the Bloom supplier community, specialist professional service providers go through a detailed accreditation process. It’s all done through Pro-Vide, our cloud-based system.

Registration on Pro-Vide takes less than one hour with all the required documents to hand. Once you’ve submitted your registration, you’ll move into the accreditation stage.  Download our step by step guide for suppliers on getting started with Bloom.

This part of the process can take as little as 10 days, dependent on your referees’ response times. We recommend contacting your referees to ask them to watch out for a reference request. That means they’ll be prepared to respond quickly. Our supplier team are on-hand to make the process as smooth as possible.

To get started on a project, we’ll require a purchase order number for the work before it begins.

What do I need for the Bloom registration process?

To get started on your accreditation, we’ll ask you for information about you and your business. This includes a series of Mandatory Questions (consistent with the Public Contract Regulations, revised in 2015) Take a look at our step by step guide to getting started with Bloom.

You’ll then need your insurance certificates, company registration, VAT numbers and certificate of incorporation if held. You’ll also need any quality assurance certification and your company’s relevant contact details.

Next we’ll need two case studies that demonstrate your capabilities in the selected categories. These will be used by Bloom as part of your accreditation, but also potentially for clients as part of their selection process.  We’ve created a case study template to help you.

Pro-Vide automatically updates after each section, so you can leave and come back to the process at any time. You can update your profile once created to keep it relevant and up to date.

Finally, you’ll see our contractual terms and conditions which you’ll need to accept to work with us.

What are the benefits of working with Bloom?

Bloom offers your business an efficient route to market offering pre-qualified, well defined opportunities for suppliers of all sizes, across the UK. We help suppliers like you by supporting established client relationships and helping to create new ones, opening up access to public sector procurement opportunities as never before.  Download our guide to Bloom for more detail.

As Neutral Vendor, Bloom works with you to provide a valuable resource to ensure project success.

There’s access to established processes and CIPS-qualified staff that guide the client from initial statement of requirements to appointment. Meaning your projects with Bloom have the best possible start.

We are then on-hand with as much or little assistance as required to ensure delivery. That means you get unbiased support to ensure project success, working between you and the client as required.

What are the main changes in your new SSA?

We’ve issued a new Services Supply Agreement (SSA) to reflect recent changes in legislation, best protect the interests of our buyer and supplier community and our recent change of name.

We’re issuing a daily summary of the queries we receive, which you can request by emailing


The 5% management fee

Suppliers are not charged for registration, accreditation or participation in bid opportunities. The only charge is a 5% management fee for any services delivered via our NEPRO neutral vendor solution. How much of this fee you choose to include in your proposal costs is your commercial judgement. Bloom Accredited Suppliers have access to the 5% management fee calculator, available on the Suppliers Resources Page.

Start your journey with Bloom

If you’re a buyer or a supplier, talk to us today about how we can work together and keep opening up procurement.


Work with us

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what our clients say about us

The NEPRO solution assisted the Council in achieving our aims of supporting local business while freeing up valuable time for us to concentrate on high value strategic projects.

Abi LindsaySenior Procurement & Contracts ManagerCumbria County Council

Working with Bloom to access the NEPRO solution has ensured we realise all the expected benefits from a neutral vendor approach in procuring and managing specialist professional services. They are a true partner and are continually looking to improve the way we work and ultimately the services provided by the suppliers.

Darren KnowdChief Procurement OfficerDurham County Council

Bloom was essential in the recent hiring of a consultant for a governance project within oneSource. Through the NEPRO solution, I was able to hire a consultant within 2 weeks of posting my project requirements. I was provided with proposals from a range of experienced and relevant suppliers and received valued support from Bloom throughout the process.

Jane WestManaging DirectoroneSource

Working with Bloom means we get access to the best choice of small and large suppliers, especially supporting local Cornish Small and Medium Enterprises suppliers. Working with a dynamic and competitive supply chain gives us flexibility, greater supplier choice and access to the latest thinking. Overall that delivers better value for money for the tax payer.

Kieran ToppingService Director – Commercial ServicesCornwall Council

I chose to work with Bloom as I liked the idea of outcome-based projects. It’s so much more efficient, as it’s a compliant process without the need to go through the OJEU process as it’s still competitive. Bloom has many suppliers already available but we can add suppliers whenever we want. Having someone who can help by providing a second opinion; a neutral point of view has been valuable to us.

Ariana BeattyVFM Commercial Contract & Risk Management ManagerUniversity of Sussex

Through Bloom we were able to engage with Cardiff Council efficiently and help them access social care services they urgently needed in a compliant way.

Sarah PopeManaging DirectorRT Group

Due to their robust and wide-reaching supply chain, Bloom is able to identify and access even the most niche suppliers. Bloom was able to provide a speedy and robust solution that would not have occurred to us.

Hassan IqbalStrategic Business PartneroneSource

Bloom is a professional and far reaching procurement partner, allowing Torne & Shirmers to reach its target market in supporting the Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), Local Authorities, Universities and NHS Trusts throughout the UK.

Neil WilkinsonManaging DirectorTorne & Shirmers

We have found that Bloom provides a very effective route to market for our services. Especially in cases where we have worked hard to build a relationship with the client and where a full tender process is inappropriate.

Mark SmithDirectorIgnite Consulting Limited

We became a Bloom Accredited Supplier following our attendance at the NCC supplier engagement event, this was crucial to Impeller finding out more information about Bloom and it also gave us great exposure to NCC and definitely assisted in helping us win business with them.

Nicola Halse Business Development ExecutiveImpeller Assurance & Resilience Ltd

Through Bloom and NEPRO we were able to access the right supplier in a short time frame.

Richard HowroydHead of Strategic Procurement & CommissioningBath & North East Somerset Council

Bloom helped us find suppliers in a rather niche market with the skills and expertise we required, which we would have otherwise found very difficult to source.

Colin AnsellLondon Borough of NewhamDirector of Commissioning Support Unit

We have been working in partnership with Bolton Borough Council to transform the delivery of their property services. This close collaboration combined with our expertise means together we have made sure our solution is the best for the people of Bolton.

Mark HardingPartnership DirectorRobertson Facilities Management

We were proud to support West Sussex County Council and CAPITA with their annual planning programme and help to deliver the best outcomes for the County.

Neil WilkinsonManaging DirectorTorne and Shirmers

Being a Bloom accredited supplier offers us appropriate opportunities and improves our chances of being successful. The competition process for the Invest South Tyneside project was robust, yet quick and straightforward and Gardiner Richardson is delighted to have been selected. We’ve hit the ground running and have quickly been able to begin delivering impact and results for Invest South Tyneside.

Rachel McBrydeHead of PR and contentGardner Richardson

Bloom offers access to a large community of SMEs including local and regional suppliers. Being able to easily identify appropriate suppliers available from Bloom is hugely valuable to us

South Tyneside Council

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