Leveraging your construction and infrastructure projects to drive economic recovery

Bloom are hosting a webinar for the public sector to consider how they can leverage their construction and infrastructure projects to drive economic growth.

COVID-19 has placed an unprecedented strain on the UK economy. The public sector is now facing the significant task of driving an economic recovery that will deliver growth to local economies as we move beyond the current crisis.

The public sector must now use its construction and infrastructure projects to stimulate growth in the short term and provide the framework for recovery and the future regeneration of the post-COVID economy. The UK government has already made a pledge to level up the regional inequalities in the domestic economy. This regional levelling up will be placed at the heart of their future growth strategies. A key focus of this will be the construction sector through home building, improving the environment, contributing to net zero goals and injecting growth opportunities into communities across the country. The government will also bring forward the English Devolution and Local Recovery White Paper detailing how the UK government can support sustainable economic recovery, as part of the National Infrastructure Plan.

In this webinar our panel of experts will discuss the challenges faced by the public sector in achieving their net zero goals, how Bloom and NEPRO³ can support them in the delivery of the construction and key infrastructure projects, as well as providing guidance on how to progress with key strategic works in the current challenging climate.

Registrations for this event are now closed.