Social Care

As local authorities come under growing pressure to manage increasing demand for adults and children’s services, Bloom’s innovative model can help you commission quality providers across a range of services based on meeting agreed outcomes.

Our Social Care (Adults and Children) category focuses on organisational, service grouping, outward-facing delivery programmes, teams and individuals. It includes all aspects of adults, children and young person’s services relating to strategy, policy, processes, function and change.

Through our OJEU-compliant managed procurement service, we can identify the most appropriate provider with a ‘good’ or above rating for your project, holding a mini-competition for the work or, alternatively, appointing a specific provider of your choice. All Bloom pre-accredited social care providers are registered with CQC (for adults’ services) and OFSTED (for children’s services), giving you the cast-iron assurance that’s at the heart of our service.


Our Safeguarding category focuses on the protection of vulnerable adults or children against abuse or neglect. Safeguarding ensures that people receive the support they require from our customer community for a safe environment to live in.

With social value running through the core of our procurement process, our category experts have a deep understanding of the varying priorities in the care sectors and understand the unique challenges organisations often face. We can work with you to determine your exact needs and deliver a completely bespoke, outcomes-based specification for your safeguarding projects. Through the fully compliant NEPRO³ framework, we can rapidly onboard any provider through direct award or mini-competition.

Health & Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing is a key consideration across all aspects of the public sector, from local authorities ensuring their communities have access to the required levels of wellbeing services through to NHS England commissioning national services.

Our category experts can work with your team to deliver outcomes-based commissioning for public sector bodies looking for support in the health and wellbeing space. Our diverse Health and Wellbeing category focuses on partnering with agencies looking at strategy, policy, service delivery, shared services, commissioning, performance management, professional advice, national and EU policy, directives and health/care and social initiatives.

By choosing Bloom, you’ll benefit from an OJEU-compliant managed procurement service that comes with fully IR35 compliant statement of works, along with significant savings against budget with the NEPRO³ framework.

Education, Learning & Curriculum

With a proven track record in the education sector, we understand the unique challenges both schools and local authorities face and how we can work together to solve them. As the experts in public sector procurement, we’ll take care of everything you need to deliver your projects on time and within budget.

Our Education, Learning and Curriculum category covers the full spectrum of specialist professional services required to support pre-school, primary, secondary, adult and higher education and further training. The category also includes the development of strategy, policy and new methodology of teaching and learning.

Our team of category experts offer standardised specifications and support to deliver fast and compliant procurement for schools and academies, providing the guidance necessary to allow your team to become as self-serve as possible. For local authorities, we offer a robust accreditation process aligned with public sector requirements and delivery assurance. As a Bloom customer, you can pass over any potential leads directly to our team, eliminating the need for direct contact with schools.

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