Impeller Assurance & Resilience Ltd and Newcastle City Council

Providing fire safety awareness for school-based staff:

Working in collaboration with Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, Impeller Assurance & Resilience is a social enterprise providing expert fire compliance services and training. The North East based SME works with various industries throughout the UK to assist with legal compliance regarding fire safety and staff development with regards to training.

25 days from requirement to project start

Following their attendance at an exclusive Newcastle City Council supplier engagement event held by Bloom, Impeller became an Accredited Supplier and were successful in winning business with the council through NEPRO.

 “We became a Bloom Accredited Supplier following our attendance at the Newcastle City Council supplier engagement event, this was crucial to Impeller finding out more information about Bloom and it also gave us great exposure to Newcastle City Council and definitely assisted in helping us win business with them.” 
Nicola Halse, Business Development Executive, Impeller Assurance & Resilience Ltd

The challenge

Following Newcastle City Council’s decision to mandate Bloom as a route to market for all training requirements, the council required all potential and existing training suppliers to become accredited with Bloom to ensure compliance and best practice.

In particular, Newcastle City Council required a specialist supplier with proven capabilities to deliver evening training programmes at various schools within Newcastle Upon Tyne, so turned to Bloom and NEPRO for help.

The winning supplier would be required to:

  • Organise training sessions in line with the council’s programmes
  • Establish an awareness of fire safety for delegates
  • Determine the fire safety risks that exist on the specific site of the course
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of staff with an evacuation
  • Establish best practice for fire safety behaviour within a school
  • Track numbers of courses and delegates attending as well as key feedback to improve content and ensure delegates are engaged

The chosen supplier would also be required to provide six monthly summary reports to clients detailing number of courses delivered, delegates attended, delegate directorate, service area and summary feedback.

The solution
In conjunction with Newcastle City Council, Bloom held an information day that enabled all training suppliers who have worked with the council or who were looking to work with the council in the future, to learn about Bloom and the reasons why the council had chosen to mandate it as a route to market. Impeller attended this event and decided to complete their accreditation with Bloom. Through NEPRO, Bloom facilitated a fully compliant and efficient procurement that helped the council source the right supplier who was local to the North East region.

The outcome
Impeller were awarded the requirement and successfully delivered all necessary outcomes. They have delivered two fire safety training requirements for Newcastle City Council.


  • Fire safety and awareness training for council staff
  • Fire warden and fire safety awareness for delegates that work in schools

As a social enterprise, Impeller’s work generates ‘profit for good’ where profits are reinvested into the local community via their charity, the Impeller Foundation.

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