South Somerset District Council and Ignite Consulting

Supporting transformational best practice:

Ignite Consulting Limited is a UK- based SME, delivering innovation and change management solutions to both the public and private sector.

As an Accredited Supplier, Ignite had previously worked successfully through Bloom and implemented their innovative ‘Future Model’ transformation programme in other Local Authorities across the UK. Ignite regularly recommended Bloom as an efficient route to market  for the procurement of their services.

£2.5M reduction in cost base

One such potential client, South Somerset District Council (SSDC), was looking for a solution and a compliant route to market through which  to procure it.

“We have found that Bloom provides a very effective route to market for our services. Especially in cases where we have worked hard to build a relationship with the client and where a full tender process is inappropriate.”

Mark Smith, Director, Ignite Consulting Limited

The challenge

SSDC was facing considerable financial, managerial  and technological challenges and required the  implementation of a new operating model. The Council was interested in the benefits of implementing the Ignite ‘Future Model’ but needed the solution to be procured in a compliant way. SSDC needed organisation design, change and transition management, as well as service redesign support.

A supplier was required to:

  • Design and develop a new operating model for the Council
  • Build a comprehensive and reliable business case
  • Support the development and ongoing maintenance of a benefit delivery plan
  • Provide change and transition support
  • Provide specialist resources as required

Our solution

Through NEPRO, Bloom provided the Council and Ignite with a fully compliant and transparent route to market. SSDC therefore chose to appoint Ignite through Bloom, with an outcomes-based approach to procurement ensuring objectives were defined, scope creep eliminated, and compliance guaranteed for both the buyer and supplier.

The outcome

Ignite successfully implemented their Future Model Transformation Programme in partnership with SSDC over a planned 21 month period. Ignite supported the Council with extensive staff engagement and enhanced internal capabilities to deliver the right cultural and behavioural change, while working in close partnership with the HR and Finance teams.

Following the recruitment of a new leadership team, Ignite created a blueprint and implementation plan for a new operating model for the Council. The blueprint design included new arrangements for:

  • Strategy and commissioning
  • Service delivery
  • Organisational structure
  • Roles and management
  • Process and customer journeys
  • Technology
  • Culture and ways of working

The robust Ignite Future Model transformation programme enabled the targeted benefits of a £2.5M reduction in the Council’s cost base to be delivered as planned.

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